Polish Day in Romania

  • Polish Day at Scoala Gimnaziala Mihai Eminescu Nasaud 


    In January the students of Romanian school prepared Polish Day. The purpose of this activity was familiarize the students involved in the Erasmus + ACE project with basic information about the geography of Poland, its inhabitants, the Polish cuisine, traditions or history. 

    In general, the students were interested about geography and history of Poland.

    This activity aims to develop attitudes of tolerance and respect towards other peoples and their cultures. The students who participated in the implementation of the activity gained basic knowledge about Poland. 

    The students carried out activities that followed the formation of tolerant behaviours and attitudes on the basis of wich they act with understanding and responsibility in various life circumstances. 

    The activity offered the students the opportunity to learn to build relantionship based on tolerance, understanding and solidarity, respect the dignity of each person.