07- Molins de Rei introduces Všechovice

  • Facts about Všechovice

    Všechovice situation

    Všechovice is a village near Olomouc city in the east of the Czech Republic.


    There are eight hundred and seventy-six people in Všechovice.

    Origins of Všechovice

    This village dates back to the thirteenth century.


    The emblem of the village is one with a bird – a yellow eagle and a red hat.

    Interesting places and monuments

    There is a monument to the victims of World War II(the second), and a church and a gallery.


    There is a big park next to the castle.


    There is only one shop.

    River and mountains

    There is a small brook called Juhyně in the village.
    There are forests and mountains. The mountains are called Beskydy. The mountains are not very high.

    Všechovice Size

    The village is small. It is is five kilometres wide (with its fields and forests).

    There isn't pollution. It is clean.

    Všechovice castle
    Typical Food

    It´s pork, dumplings and cabbage. Potatoes, chicken and pork are usual meals.


    There are four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    Sometimes it´s cold and sometimes the sun shines.


    Všechovice customs are Christmas, Three Kings, Easter and Christian festivals.

    Transport to school

    Pupils from Všechovice walk to school.
    Pupils from other villages take the bus.
    So it depends where you live.


    There is only one school in Všechovice. It is little.
    There are only one hundred and seventy-one pupils in Primary.
    There are about forty children in the Nursery School.


    There are more houses here. There are five block of flats.

    Activities after school

    There are many activities here such as football, tennis and table tennis


    They speak only Czech. There are some dialects of the Czech language too.


    The most famous sport in Všechovice is football.
    There is a football pitch.
    They have a football team called Tatran Všechovice.