" The Charter of Grateful and Active Humanity for Tomorrow's World."

  • Here is the " The Charter of Grateful and Active Humanity for Tomorrow's World" written by all the students in collaboration in their European teams!

    Let's be grateful for this amazing job!

    I am grateful for Education:

    I promise I will always learn my lessons!

    I promise I' ll try to learn as many foreign languages as I can.

    I promise to always respect my teachers and pay attention to their lessons.

    I promise that the punishments will be less severe.

    I promise I will be grateful for everything I have.

    I promise I will study very hard.

    I promise I will try to keep up with my teachers' expectations!

    I promise I will try to be quiet and follow  the lesson carefully.

    I am grateful for Science:

    I promise I will study science to learn about myself and my environment.

    I promise I will make small great inventions to help people!

    I promise I will use science for good things!

    I promise I will follow science advice to protect the planet and save energy.

    I am grateful for Art and artists:

    I will go more often to the Museum.

    I will study Art and draw more often,  train to draw and I  want to see some paintings.

    I will go on some exhibitions to see paintings, artists...

    I promise I will read and write poems.

    I promise that I will read a few books!

    I promise i will go to many art museums this summer!!!

    I promise to practice more my musical instrument.

    I will listen more often to theatre plays.

    I promise to get better at writing songs.

     I will listen to different styles of music. I also want to start writing a book.

    I am grateful for my body:

    I promise to practise more sports or to walk a lot.

    I promise I won't smoke or use drugs;

    I will eat balanced and healthy food.

    I won't eat  junk food.  

    I will behave properly not to get into trouble physically or mentally.

    I will always take care of my body, I will wash, brush my teeth and sleep well.

    I am grateful for my family and the people on the planet:

    I promise to be more gratefull to my family.

    i promise to spend more time with my family.

    I promise to help my family.

    I promise to help out more at home with the chores and not to fight with my sister.

    I promise to keep loving them as much as they love me, and I will also  try not to fight so much with my older brother.

    I promise I will buy them a gift!

    I promise to say  thank you to all the kind people.

    I promise I will never bully or hurt someone.

    I promise I will help charities and do volunteering .

    I promise to become a wonderful person!

    I am grateful for the animals:

    I promise to donate money for animals which cannot feed themselves.

    I promise not to throw waste in nature and in the ocean.

    I promise I will  protect the animals from  pollution and deforestation.

    To help animals,  we can  consume less and pollute less.

    We can also stop killing  animals for their furs.

    I promise I won't buy fur to fight against  poaching .

    I promise I won't hunt.

    I promise I will plant tree seeds to build natural shelters for  small animals.

    I promise I will pick up rubbish  to stop  pollution and to help animals.

    You cannot eat too much meat or buy fur and stuff from animals to protect them . Do not chase them either! We can create shelters for them as well.

    I promise I will  make an effort towards animal welfare.

    I promise that I will continue living without hunting and being a vegetarian.

    I promise that I will become a biologist one day and I'm going to travel to many places to help and protect endangered species.

    I also promise that I won't hunt.

     I am grateful for the Planet Earth:

    I promise to recycle the garbage and the objects I use.

    I promise to recycle waste, and pay attention to my consumption of water .

    I promise to use less water and electricity.

    I promise not to throw waste in the ocean because it can kill endangered species. 

    I promise not to throw garbage on the ground anymore, to avoid polluting nature and the oceans and not to kill animals with plastic waste.

    I promise not to pollute the planet and the oceans .

    I promise to use my cell phone less and watch less TV,  and to use less electricity so there is less global warming.

    I promise to pay attention to my consumption of toxic products.

    I promise to pay attention to the household and toxic products I use to reduce pollution.

    I promise I will save water .

    I promise I will save electricity.

    I promise I will protect the coral reefs.

    I promise I won't pollute.

    I promise I will use renewable sources of energy

    i will reduce my water consumption and pay attention to pollution

     I promise to take care of the planet

    When I go to a beach, I  will collect all the plastic that I see so it does not go into the sea.

     I promise that I will use new sources of energy in order not to contaminate so much as before.

    Here is a video with gratitude and promises from Germany: