1- Project Summary and schedule

  • Our project " Join The European Table" is based on the main European values : Human dignity, Freedom, Equality, Democracy and Tolerance. It is a project involving 6 partner schools from France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Spain and Poland with students in the upper secondary education. Inclusive education and youth training are the main priorities of this project and declared to be the major aims in the strategic paper “Europe 2020” written down by the EU.The events of last years contributed to increasing ideological polarisation in the European society. All the countries involved in this project have been trying in recent years to face different serious problems related to refugees. In some countries the question of immigration has only been theoretical as refugees chose them to be transit to western Europe, others were more involved and can share their experiences. The goals of the project are to promote freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education.

    Our project considers different short-term and long-term physical meetings apart from three virtual ones where all our activities will be presented besides working on some other project activities that will be developed in the different countries of the association. 

    1st year physical short-term MEETINGS : November 2018 Siedlce (POLAND) and March 2019 in Lahr (Germany) 

     2nd year physical short-term MEETINGS : November 2019 Tarragona ( Spain) March 2020 Debrecen ( Hungary) 

    3rd year physical short-term MEETINGS: November 2020 Hennebont (France) May 2021 Trikala  ( Greece) 

    3rd year long-term MEETINGS:  September 2020- July 2021( France, Germany and Poland)  Individual Student exchanges from the different  partner schools. The students will spend 60 days in another partner school of the association, they will attend lessons and will be hosted by a family. They will explain and post their experiences on our Twinspace to share them with the other students participating in the project. 

    Due to the COVID-19 situation three of our physical meetings couldn't take place, so we had to convert them into virtual meetings in which the eTwinning platform has been essential for the development of the project and the work of the students and teachers.

    As to get a better view of the activities of our project, we summarized them as follows:


    2018/19 : first project year

    Project meeting in Siedlce (Poland) and in Lahr

    Contents and actions:

    1. Presentation of the school and the participating students (Twinspace)
    2. Research on refugees and the situation in their countries of origin
    3. Logo competition
    4. Creation of an e-book on the history of migration in all partner countries (use of the Twinspace for joint development)
    5. Setting up a project homepage:  https://www.erasmus-jointheeuropeantable.websco.fr/
    6. Interviews with refugees who came in our countries in 2015
    7. Visit of refugees in their training companies
    8. Lectures on the topic of integration (Migration Office)
    9. Construction of the European table (international group + refugee carpenter apprentices)
    10. Attending lessons of "German for refugees"
    11. Skype conferencing, eTwinning chats and video conferencing  between partners



    2019/20: second project year

    Project meetings in Tarragona (Spain) and virtual meeting instead of physical one in Debrecen (Hungary)

    Contents and actions:

    1. Presentation of the participating students (Twinspace)
    2. Getting to know each other better in Zoom conferences
    3. Watch and evaluate books and films on the subject of flight
    4. Dealing with charities and their role in the integration of refugees
    5. Expert conference on flight and war conflicts
    6. Internship of the project participants in a charity
    7. Start of the preparation of a welcome guide for schools


    2020/21: third project year

    Two virtual meetings instead of physical Project meetings in Hennebont (France) and Trikala (Greece) and one last teachers physical meeting in Trikala (Greece)

     6 scholarships for a stay of 2 months in one of the partner countries

    Contents and actions:

    1. Presentation of the new project participants (Twinspace)
    2. Getting to know each other in chats in the Twinspace forum
    3. Welcome and look after partner students for two months (they post their experiences weekly in the Twinspace)
    4. Interviews of refugees about the fulfilment of hopes and expectations in the country of arrival (feedback: Twinspace)
    5. Getting to know the eating habits of our project partners countries
    6. (joint creation of an ebook on European eating habits, using the Twinspace)
    7. Eating habits of refugees (development of presentations in international groups, Twinspace)
    8. Meals of the day- Event (Forum Twinspace)
    9. Survey of the attitude of young people to refugees (project participants and non-participants)
    10. Webquest on refugee issues with international group work (Twinspace)
    11. Discussion at the European table on expectations and hopes (virtual table)
    12. Completing the Welcome Guide to Schools