About the project




    About the Project

    Reading book is a really important habit and it must be acquired at early ages. What can we do for our students to acquire this important habit. Students like tasks that they can be creative,express their feelings and opinions. I strongly guess that our students haven't created their own books as a writer up to now.I think writing his/her own book sounds great and exciting for all students. Our students are going to write a storybook with web 2.0 tool "storybird". Then they are going to print them and make storybooks.Every student is going to write a storybook.At the end of the project books are going to be exhibited.As a final work a common storybook is going to be written by all of the partner students.


    The aims of the project;

    -Acquiring reading habit
    -Encourage our students to improve their writing skills
    -Supporting our students to have self confidence
    -Encouraging our students to be creative 
    -Teaching them sharing their knowledge,opinions,dreams and stories
    -Teaching them ICT and web 2.0 tools
    -Teaching them cooperating with other students
    -Supporting them to improve English language skills
    -Fulfilling the mentioned aims by cooperating with our partners.


    -In December ,teachers will choose and add students on twinspace
    -The students will introduce themselves by a video or with a web 2.0 tool such as voki,tellegami,bitmoji etc.
    -In January,the students will describe their schools and cities with a video (they can create their own videos)
    -In January,students will make a project logo (with web 2.0 tools logomakr,canva,postermywall etc.) and a logo competition will be organized.
    -In February ,students will prepare a poster with web 2.0 tools like canva or postermywall.
    -In March and April,students will determine a theme-it can be about nature,love,friendship,culture,animals etc.- and start to write their stories with "storybird" web 2.0 tool.At this part,mixed international student groups will cooperate.
    -In May,students will print their books as creative writers.All books will be exhibited at school.At the end of the project books can be donated to school library.
    -At the end a common storybook will be created by all partner students


    -Students will learn to share their knowledge,opinions,dreams and stories
    -Students will learn to use ICT tools.
    -Students will improve their English language skills.
    -They will learn to cooperate.
    -They will live the happiness of learning new friends and cultures 
    -Students will acquire reading habit
    -They will improve writing skills
    -Students will have self confidence
    -Students will be creative 
    -Fulfilling the mentioned aims by cooperating with our partners.