Additional Promoting Progress Society As Soon As Possible Erasmus+ KA229 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

A.P.P.S.A.S.A.P. is an Erasmus+ project, coordinated by Italy, in cooperation with Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia, and Romania. Our profile varies from vocational to secondary schools. The idea is to integrate educational Apps and new technologies with the use of English into the teaching practice which is a key factor in developing the European dimension, furthering interculturality and enabling teachers and students to meet new colleagues and students from other countries. The main aim for all participants, is to enhance the digital competence with a deeper understanding of how technologies can be exploited to improve everyday life contributing to widen our knowledge in different subjects while integrating students who come from different cultural backgrounds. Also, to have more international cooperation, interdisciplinary. Therefore, eTwinning platform will be an effective tool to involve more participants on European scale so to share/exchange/disseminate the activities, products.

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