Additional activities

  • During the project meeting in Slovenia the Slovene school prepared additional activity about comparing the information gathered online and in real life.

    Students had to find information about Postojna cave on the internet and then fill in this worksheet.

    Next day we went for a trip to this area and we spent two hours in the cave with a guide. Students had to fill in the same worksheet again and compare the amount of info they gained by the personal visit with info they searched online.

    Postojna cave - worksheet.pdf


    During the workshop about cyberbullying in Slovenia, students had to think about cyberbullying and trolling with the use of this worksheet:

    Cyberbullying - questions and answers WORKSHEET.pdf

    Cyberbullying - questions and answers - RESULTS.pdf

    We were also watching the movie "Asocial network" by The reflection of the movie is here:

    The movie - worksheet