Tinos and our School

  • Tinos is the island with the biggest religious tradition in Cyclades. It is the third largest island in Cyclades and it is situated southeast of Andros and northwest of Mykonos.

    Tinos is extended at 197 square km and it has 9.701 permanent inhabitants. The highest mountain of Tinos is called ‘Tsiknias’ and is situated in the east at 726m height. The island’s architecture is of unique importance. Tinos is full of pigeon houses called ‘Peristeriones’ and travelers can visit the several picturesque villages and admire the 1200 enchanting chapels all over the island.


    People living in Tinos are involved in agriculture, shipping, fishing and tourism. The island’s local economy is based onreligious tourism which blooms mainly during the summer months.


    The 2nd Primary School of Tinos was established in 1944, but it was housed in a different location. It was transferred to its current location in 1960. The site, where the building that houses our school today was built, was a donation by the priest Armakolla. The procedures for the school’s construction started in 1957 and were completed in 1960, when the operation of the school began.