Rembrandts Movie Camera

In our last Erasmus + project we had a student mobility to Italy where we visited a museum in Florence. During this visit, the group discovered the exposition named "Bil Viola". The students started to play with their own Handy, creating works like Bil Viola. One student said this would be a good idea for the next Erasmus + project. And we as teachers said that's a good idea. The experience from all partners is that sometimes it is difficult to motivate students to work with classic works of art, but it is very easy to motivate them to make a movie. Our project will be used as a method to combine both themes. Without exploring classic works, students will not be able to produce the films. Our Project “ Rembrandts movie camera” involves art, theater and film production. These three fields are very loved by students and we intend to use them to improve students learning motivation and students ICT skills by using innovative teaching approaches. The participants will explore own artworks,

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