Our project details and progress

  • Dear European partners,

    Welcome to our project about the power of green all around us! During this educational and fun-filled project we are all going to work on protecting our planet, sustainable development and green tourism without neglecting our experienced ancestors and their wisdom regarding the plants, their therapeutic and healing properties ... and also their magical ones, that we 'll create as young magicians! Based on real aspects and characteristics of the plants of our areas, we 'll draw or make collages of imaginary plants which will have magical, superpowers! Plants that help the sick people, plants that spread happiness, plants with magical superpowers over your sleep, or your dreams ... We are going to create cooperative presentations and 'plant' our own European magical garden using various web tools!


    The main aims of this project are: a) to expand the learners' horizons and develop their awareness on environmental issues, b) to develop the learners' writing and reading skills in English, c) to promote cooperative learning, d) to realize the emergence of English as an international language. 

    The secondary objectives of the project are: a) to promote cross-curricular learning, b) to advance the learners' familiarity with technology, c) to promote writing and reading comprehension with a real-life purpose, d) to familiarize learners with looking up in dictionnairies, conducting research, note-taking, e) to promote learner autonomy and self-confidence, f) to promote art as a means of expression.


    All participating members are in constant communication with each other by means of the project Twinspace, as well as their personal emails and social media accounts. All partner teachers are urged throughout the project to invite and encourage their learners to use the project Twinspace with an eye to meeting their peers and eventually achieving cooperation in various activities. Our learners' parents are also welcomed in our Twinspace! 

    Activities will proceed from individual to cooperative ones and will be agreed upon among the participating teachers from the beginning of the project. A suggested outline involves the following activities: 

    * Presentation of our school and area (ppt, video, magazine, poster, etc)
    * Creation of an online tour guide that promotes each participating country's local herbs and their properties
    * Creation of an online herbarium (learners draw or make collages of imaginary plants and attribute special, magical powers to each one of them).

    Assessment menthods will be agreed upon as soon as all participating members  have joined the project.


    First and foremost, all participating learners are expected to develop their environmental awareness and sense of living in the same home. In addition, learners involved in this project will have the opportunity to develop their writing and reading skills in English, while being involved in a fun-filled process. By reading and watching their peers' presentations, they will have the opportunity to expand their horizons and feel like citizens of the world, members of a vast community, outside the barriers of their local surroundings. Using English as the vehicle, this project will provide useful insight on their peers' daily routine, interests, customs and mentality, becoming thus more tolerant with diversity. 

    All end-products are meant to be uploaded on our project Twinspace as well as our school websites and blogs. Good practices are also going to be disseminated through the local press as well as the social media.