Noise meter and detector

  • This experiment shows how to use KY-038 Sound Sensor using Arduino. It also shows how you can control LED by clap with the help of Arduino and Sound Sensor. We have shown only to control LED, but by using the same concept you can control any electronic device.

    KY-038 Sound Sensor having 4 Pins:

    • AO – Analog Output
    • G – Ground
    • + – VCC
    • DO – Digital OutputThe circuit has been powered with a battery. 
    • The Audio signal is transformed into electric signal of varying voltage.  To measure the sound level, we need to take multiple measurements to find the minimum and maximum extents or "peak to peak amplitude" of the signal. 

      After finding the minimum and maximum samples, we compute the difference and convert it to volts and the output is printed to the serial monitor.