Local Problems from Turkish Students

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    Dear Friends here are the problems we have in our hometown. Some of us wanted to write about "street animals" and the other group mentioned "Rubbish problem" We are looking forward to hear your suggestions ♡♡♡

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    Hi! We're Nerea and Laura from Spain and we have some tips you can use if you want:                                                                                                                                                   1- You can take some of your friends and create a group, go to the beach, and pick up all the trash on the sand and in the sea and then, recycle it.

    2- You can also reduce plastic stuff, now shops are starting to sell paper bags and bottles. 

    3- And finally, you better use public transport for moving around your city, for reduce air pollution.

    4-My  tip  to  protect  the  environment  is reduce the plastic and using recycle paper to reduce the pollution

    Hi! My name is Candela, and there are my solutions for the two problems:

    1-The rubbish problem in Turkey

    I think that everyone could recycle and try to keep out the pollution. I know that this isn’t a lot, but these simple things could reverse the effects.

    2-Street animals in Turkey

    I think that people could talk about those animals that get hurted and conscience to the person who is scared of those animals that they are good. In our country we don’t have that situation, people hunt animals because is “funny” and the consequences of do that is that animals are in caution.