About the Project

  • With this project, our pupils will discover different cultures while learning English in a fun way. They will share their interests, culture, habits and languages. They will not only use English but also learn other languages to say "hello" and introduce themselves. It will be an adventure for all of us to take part in this project.


    We hope our pupils will improve their English language skills such as reading, speaking, writing, listening and also grammar. We want them learn English by communicating. They will be active and productive in the process. They will also learn different cultures from other pupils. They will share their interests and hobbies , so they will learn about the free time activities in different countries. We also want to improve their self confidence and cooperative learning abilities.


    We will share the activities monthly. Each school will prepare different activities and other schools do the activities and sometimes we will do the same activities at the same time.
    Monthly calendar: 
    November: Introducing themselves (video, photo, presentation, drawing and writing) 
    Preparing a logo (logo design contest)
    December: Learning basic greeting in partner countries ' languages (Video, poster , chat) exchanging Christmas cards and Christmas traditions.
    January: Learning national symbols, flags, famous places, food( Recipe), people, days… (Learning a song or a poem)
    February: Everyday life (differences and similarities), school subjects, school and after school routine school introductions from pupils.
    March: Weather and clothes for different seasons.
    April: Sports and leisure time activities.
    May: Presenting products, singing songs and poems. Preparing a final product.


    Our pupils will improve their English language skills. They will prepare presentations, posters, games or logos, they will sing songs and they will feel more confident. They will have international friends. We will prepare a mini concert and prepare a magazine together.