Benefits and Harms of the Internet

Objectives: - To inform parents and students about the benefits, but mainly of the harms of the permanent use of the internet. - Show the benefits of using digital resources (TOOLS) at school, to study (…) - Create bonds between students, teachers and parents - Sharing traditional games between families and the European community - Engage parents with the school to promote moments of sharing and experiences. The theme of this project will be the benefits and harms of the internet. It is interesting that we show the advantages that the internet brings to the students, such as courses and games to share and discuss information and knowledge with other people, different tools to work, provide mutual collaboration and exchange of ideas among participants (…). However there are other perspectives that have to be explained: - Crime problems: Fast-growing cybercrime, violence, pedophilia, robberies (…). - Heath problems: Impoverishment of vocabulary and writing; Decrease in critical capacity; The social isolation of the individual; Little development of the empathic capacity by human traits and affection; The sedentary lifestyle (consequently the obesity).

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