Meet me in twinspace

Students are going to meet new friends from a different country. They are going to meet in a safe place - Twinspace. There they will be able to communicate about different things - they will present themselves, their schools, their hometowns and their countries. AIMS: To develop students' communicative and collaborative skills, To motivate them by working with some ICT tools, To meet other cultures and countries and learn about them and with them, To make them aware that English as a second language can be a way to communicate, meet and learn in real situations, To increase their creative skills and critical thinking, To make friends. WORK PROCESS: The project will last for 8 months. Students will communicate with their peers through emails, live events and they are going to use other ICT tools. EXPECTED RESULTS: We expect improvements in the following: Communication and collaborative skills English The value of learning a foreign language to get new friends ICT

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