Let´s make robot with ICT

We live in the 21st centure and this century is full of digital technology and the teachers should be first who will understand ICT tools because they have to teach children how to work with new ICT and they have to help children to understand new technological competences. The ability to take full advantage of ICT in digital reading and navigation...


  • We are making on new model robot - spider

We are making on new model robot - spider


We created new model our family of robots (work's name - Spider).  This skelet is build on platform hardle polyuretan plastic and another equipments are -  8x resvo 3V, Micro:bit - motherboard, color wired, Kitronik bord, battery box.

We started create code for move different Spider's legs and we set remote control for this. When we will finish we put  tutorial here "How make robot -Spider".


Author: Michael Veselý
Last editor: Michael Veselý