Heritage Education Learning Program - HELP

This project is based on the Erasmus + project, HELP, approved and that we will develop from 2018 to 2010. It is based on a well-developed and innovative strategy to combat school failure, socioeconomic disadvantages, absenteeism and lack of motivation of significant groups of students. Heritage is the visible face of collective memory, designed to build a future of all enriching themselves in a set of partners that share different cultural and patrimonial realities. We believe that wealth of cultural heritage, "rather than the memory of our past, is the key to our future." The collaborative work to be accomplished with this project will provide developing 21st century skills in students, creating new opportunities to improve teaching and learning processes, to improve cooperative learning and to contribute to the professional development of teachers, to create projects at national and international level and establish partnerships, integrating large communities of students and have a positive influence on the common future.

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