Common Values with Manga

Values, ideal behavior, or beliefs about life goals are measures that guide our behavior. Another definition is value, an object, entity or activity, an individual or socially recognized importance or superiority. Values can be taught and learned. Man is not born with the values.Different forms of values in different societies and different evaluation of it shows that they are learned later. We learn from the adults or peers of the society in which we live. Then values are above all a matter of education. This education is not just about the lessons given in schools. In a way, we can say that the whole society is a school and every person is both a teacher and a student of this school. In today's world, as well as academic success, becoming an indispensable part of contemporary life, honesty, respectful, moral values, comfortable communication, to pay attention to human relations, to comply with the rules of courtesy, initiative, work discipline, cleaning, order, etc. concepts also come to the fore. The individual is handled as a whole, and efforts are made to develop the characteristics that make people human. In this project, the values that are important for humanity all over the world will be treated with Manga, which will be a common study with our partners. Manga is a kind of comic book first appeared in Japan and its history is very old. And there are many varieties of it. Manga is very popular around the world. The comics enrich the children's visual perception firstly, deepen them, contribute to their visual senses and help them to enjoy what they read.

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