Evaluation and your opinions about this project

  • In couples write a conversation about your opinion about this project.You should answer:

    -Did you like the issue of the  project?Why yes/Why not.

    -Did you enjoy the activities?

    -Write about your favourite activity.

    -Do you like working with etwinning?

    To do this conversation you have to use this application:


    Deadline 15th April

  • Evaluation

    Fake Chat

    Adriana, Evelyn and Daniela. 3ºC Ies Bañaderos Cipriano Acosta.

    Evaluation Project

    Rocío Tacoronte
    Dahe Perera
    Silvia Lorenzo
    IES Bañaderos

    Ereğli Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School
    Luz Granados 3B Bañaderos
    Fake chat

    Andrea Rodríguez Mentado and Angelina del Rosario Melián, 3B.

    Yunaisy Medina and Paula Santana 3ESO B
    Jennifer Montesdeoca Navarro y Maria Cano Perez 3ºB

    Ismael y Nahuel

    Daniela Sosa 3ºB

    Yedey Ramírez
    Raúl Díaz
    IES Bañaderos 3ºB

    IES Bañaderos Cipriano Acosta

    Lisette Gonález y Gabriela Suárez 3B

    Evaluation of Etwinning

    Adrián Falcón
    Roberto Suárez

    Fake Whatsapp Part 1

    Abian Sanchez y Miguel Medina

    Fake Whatsapp Part 2

    Abian Sanchez y Miguel Medina

    Marta Betancor 3ºB
    Fake Chat

    Carlos García Cabrera 3ºB I.E.S. Bañaderos Cipriano Acosta

    Fake Wasap

    Nauzet Hernandez lorenzo 3B
    Hector Salazar Cabrera 3B
    IES Bañaderos Cipriano Acosta.

    Fake whatsapp Orlando Sosa y Adián Marrero

    Fake Whatsapp


    Sara Guerra
    Fátima Gil
    Marta Santana
    Ainara Macías

    fake whasap

    Paula, Alba Vera, Daniel y Aisha. 3c