There will never be a more appropriate environment to recognize the fun and beautiful face of mathematics, as math fear / anxiety has not yet developed in the pre-school period. Opportunities should be given in order to support children's development in this direction, so that they can investigate their interests and see the cause and effect relation. We want to make children love maths by integrating mathematics into science, games, art music and nature subjects and to raise awareness in pre-school mathematics projects. We will experience unforgettable moments together with maths into fun activities so that children can solve problems they encounter in their daily lives, be successful in other disciplines, and develop high-level thinking skills. Because education and care systems for young children are different in all countries. We collaborate on a high quality, fun and accessible mathematics education.


    - create practical knowledge that can be applied to preschool math by combining practical andtheoretical mathematics
    -To enable parents to recognize the importance of the development of math skills in early childhood education.
    - to provide new conditions for students to use Maths in their daily life.
    -to make students understand that Maths is special language to explain information.
    -to acquire new positive attitude towards Maths.



    -Country teams are going to be formed. 
    -The Project is going to consist of monthly activities. 
    -Teachers are going to share the activities that children perform together on twinspace regularly and follow their partners from there. 
    -Every participant is going to share pictures and videos that introduce the country and children and a logo is going to be selected. 
    -We will organize different types of collaborative activities. (poster, e book, video,exhibition)


    The students are going love maths lesson and they are going to be more successful in that in the future.
    -Teachers in partner schools will be able to find a great opportunity to share their experiences and exchange ideas.
    -The project is going to raise an awareness among students enlightening their view of other countries’ languages and different life-styles abroad.
    -The communication skills of teachers and students are going to be enhanced.
    -At the end of the project an e-book 
    - At the end of the exhibition project.
    - the posters about project.