Project plan

  • The aim of this shorterm cooperative project between two schools (Slovakia and Greece) is to plan an "Ultimate School Trip". This will help our students to get familiar with budget planning and understanding the value of the money. They should cooperate and communicate for creating the final outcome: the videoguide of financial planning.

    Students have to:

    1. choose the destination of their ultimate trip (deadline 23.09.2018)

    2. brainstorming about things they need for planning the trip (deadline 27.09.2018)

    3. dividing the roles in planning for the final video (deadline 30.09.2018)

    4. plan the scenario for videoguide (deadline 3.10.2018)

    5. take video recordings for final outcome (deadline 10.10.2018)

    6. prepare the collage and remix the preprepared videos (deadline 15.10.2018)

    7. evaluation (deadline 20.10.2018)