MARCH Activity : create an adaptation of the play




    1. Macbeth

    2. Romeo and Juliet

    3. Much ado about nothing

    4. Hamlet

    5. Midsummer night's dream

    6. Twelfth night

    7. At work photos



    For this activity you need to work and create a comic strip as a product based on your adaptation of the play you have studied.

    Each team works on a Twinboard and a page debate adapting and updating their play to nowadays. 

    You are going to make up an adaptation of the play you have studied .

    First you will need to decide where the action takes place, the setting.

    Then you will maybe adapt the names of the characters and explain their relationship.

    Next you will rewrite the plot : explain what the story is about

    Finally you will invent three acts : 

          act one : presentation of the characters and their relationship

                  act two : what is the problem? 

                  act three : the end 



  • The new story

    The setting:where does the action take place? When?
    list of characters : names and relationship
    the plot: what is the story about?
    act one
    Act two
    act three