Art Matters

This eTwinning project and its Twinspace will be used for the Erasmus+ project of exchange of good practices ART MATTERS. The partners in the project are European schools focused on Arts: - Zespół Szkół Plastycznych (Visual Arts School Complex), Dąbrowa Górnicza, Polska - Liceo Chiabrera Martini. Savona, Italia - Athénée Royal de Rixensart-Wavre, Rixensart, Belgique - IES Reino Aftasí, Badajoz, España With the project ART MATTERS participants from upper secondary schools will be working on the acknowledgement and promotion on European Cultural Heritage through art. They will have the opportunity to develop their initiative, critical thinking and creativity by panel discussions and taking part in artistic workshops on different techniques. The common theme for the discussions in the project is how these our cultural heritage is affected by different damaging agents (weather, global warming, abandonment, decay, conflicts, renovations…). Students will work individually and in groups and in activities uploaded on the project Twinspace. They will share it with the rest of peers. This will improve their communication skills and the ability to influence others and learn from them. Throughout the project the participants will be improving their cultural expression, communication competences, and social abilities, which are essential their future prospects in education, work and a successful personal life. This project is supposed to become the beginning of a collaboration, which aims to create a network of artistic secondary schools so that we can establish relationships in which the specific expertise of each school spreads by exchanges of students, teachers and experiences.

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