Between meetings: common activities about Sciences and Sport

  • The students from the different countries are working together on Sciences and Sport.

    They are creating a dictionary to share the needed vocabulary.

    To practically use their knowledge, they are preparing puzzles and games using learningapps sharing them with their mates about Science words in the different languages.

  • puzzles created by students

    Beatrice - Italy

    Game with words

    Elisa - Italy


    Arianna - Italy


    Chiara - Italy

    Word challenge

    Laura - Italy

    Word search

    Lucrezia - Italy


    Carola - Italy


    Caterina - Italy

    Filling gaps

    Eleonora - Italy

    Filling the gaps

    Lucia - Italy

    Choose the right answer

    Giulia - Italy


    Beatrice - Italy



    Fill the gaps

    Lucrezia's game

    by Louise

    jeu lucrezia by Anaïs
    Arianna's game

    by DEBACKER Maëlle

    lucrezia's by Juliette
    Chiara's game by Hermance
    Maëlle Desbois

    Chiara's word challenge

    memory's game of Carola by Anouk Sintzel
    Chiara's game

    by luna

    Beatrice's game by Anouk Sintzel
    Charline Le Bras

    Beatrice's game Game with words

    ana beatriz

    memory's game of Carola

    Carola's game by Cécile
    léa mogniat-duclos

    beatrice's game

    Chiara's game by Anouk sintzel
    Beatrice's game

    by clémence

    Floren (Teacher) - Spain

    Elisa's Crossword


    Word Search

    Chiara - Italy


    Marc and Alba (La Sénia) by Giulia (Genova) Memory
    Carola by Marc & Laia (Spain)
    Word Challenge Chiara(Italy) by Dúnia, Oriol and Raul (Spain)
    Lucia (Italy) by Maysem and David (La Sénia)
    Elisa (Italy) by Claudia & Andreu (Spain)
    Lucia's memory test by Guillem, Carla and Bea
    Margherita - Italy