Colours through the seasons

Students will know more about seasons in different parts of Europe. * Pupils: - will learn many interesting things about the partner schools ( culture, history of their countries, etc); - will improve one's own English using it in real communicative contexts; - will be able to set up friendship with pupils from other countries.


    Project Journal

    • Today we celebrated the day of tolerance.We wrote beautiful words on the "hearts of people"

      46482338_1759201834209316_1178250082097561600_n (2).jpg

      - Posted by Laineda Zakarienė, 16.11.2018

    • That's the weather like in November in the south of Italy :)


      - Posted by Filomena Lanzetta, 13.11.2018

    • This is our Castanyera, in our country we celebrate la Castanyada the same day as Halloween.
      We have a party where we eat chestnuts and "panellets" a kind of marcipan with different ingredients on them.
      The story about Castanyera says that she went to the forest to pick some chestnuts for the boys and girls in town but when she arrived, the chestnuts had disappeared, it was because she picked snails instead of chestnuts because she was a bit blind, luckily her cat Marrameu told her what had happened and she was able to bring chestnuts for the kids in town.

      Vella Quaresma.jpg

      - Posted by Yolanda Zabala, 12.11.2018

    • We have fun ...


      - Posted by Rosaria Dimatteo, 10.11.2018

    • Amazing

      - Posted by Filomena Lanzetta, 10.11.2018