How many languages can you sing?

First students and schools introduce themselves and then prepare greetings and upload them. Students also create logos of the project and vote for one of them. Then students find out how the same song sounds in another language, e.g. "Fairer Jacques" or "If you're happy"' and exchange recordings of the songs with partn...


    Project Journal

    • Hello everybody, we have finally added our Czech, English and German version of Jingle Bells.We might not be the best singers but we really enjoyed it:)
      We hope you will as well!


      Záznam_20181005091941 (

      - Posted by Magdalena Hamingerová, 05.10.2018

    • Hi everyone, we have added our videoof Brothe John singing and uploaded the greeting cards your you - enjoy!!!
      Tercie, GymBos, the CR.
      - Posted by Kateřina Spoustová, 04.10.2018

    • Check out in how many languages students from Vuk Karadzic Primary School can sing! We posted our video in the materials as well as in the map that Nataliya prepared in "Let's Introduce ourselves".
      - Posted by Biljana Pavlovic, 03.10.2018

    • Hello, we enjoyed watching your videos today:) And we will record a song Jingle Bells on Wednesday. I hope you don´t mind we bring a bit of Christmas in October:)
      Magda and tercie A
      - Posted by Magdalena Hamingerová, 01.10.2018

    • Happy European Day of Languages! Greetings from Ukrainian eTwinners

      - Posted by Nataliya Orlyk, 27.09.2018