Together for the sea!

  • - Creation of slogans and a campaign to inform people on the importance of a healthy marine environment.

    - Poster Gallery on marine environment protection.
    "Together for the Sea!" - it was an activity which attracted many participants who maked posters and slogans, the best being exhibited in the main hall of the school. Also, it was organised a campaign to inform citizens and local authorities about the causes and the effects of sea water pollution on the marine ecosystem. Our students will be involved on Sunday, 2nd March, in a greening and monitoring of dolphin failures on the beach at Eforie Nord, an activity in a partnership with NGO Mare Nostrum from Constanta.
    Thanks to all, students and teachers, and I congratulate them for their work!


    I.C Francesco Riso - Isola delle Femmine - Sicily- Italy

    Escola Gabriel Castellà i Raich - IGUALADA - SPAIN

    Agrupamento de Escolas de Vale de Ovil - Baião - PORTUGAL