Collaboratively Created Learning Apps

  • You are invited to create learning apps in your multinational teams.

    For that we have created the "EU've got mail" classroom  at

    You find your teams' usernames and passwords in your team's thread in the forum.

    We suggest that you do research on what the EU has been doing, e.g. programmes, money spent on several topic, initiatives to protect the environment, etc.

    Your team decides on the apps you would like to create, one team member starts and the others continue. You can't log in at the same time, so don't forget to save your work. Your partners can edit when they are logged in.

    Here it is, the collection of all apps 



  • our learning apps

    EU important places
    EU timeline
    A picture of EU
    EU facts
    EU facts race
    Schengen area
    Can you survive? EU edition
    Where are the capitals?
    Fun with flags
    Famous European women
    Matrix App

    collection of all our learning apps