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    (Reading Awakens Imagination, Nourishes Brain, Opens Worlds)

    Contest coordinated by the 3rd Primary School of Karpenissi- Greece


    Objectives of the contest:

    1. To make children aware of the ideas connected with the project;
    2. To enable pupils to develop and show their artistic skills and abilities;
    3. To encourage the development of students’ own ideas, stimulate their imagination;
    4. To involve parents, teachers and authorities in the project (through voting).


    • The participants of the contest shall be all students from the schools participating in the project.
    • Participation to the contest is compulsory for all participating schools but optional for the total of their students.
    • Students shall prepare logo projects on A3, A4 or A5 pieces of paper.
    • They can participate either individually, in groups or even as whole classes.
    • Valid types of participating works are drawings, collage posters and mosaics.
    • Works should not be made with the use of a computer.
    • All students have to work only at school so as to make sure that it is their creations- parents tend to exaggerate and the point of the contest is lost!
    • All partner countries shall organize their own contests within their schools, following the above rules and choosing two winning logos based on the following criteria:

    -Compliance with the subject of the project;

    -An original, interesting idea;

    -Aesthetic values;

    -Independent execution


    • All partners shall send the chosen logos to the organizer via email at the latest on 10th October 2018 so that the Greek team will set up the voting platform that will appear on the project’s webpage, its blog, the project’s Twinspace and in every school’s official webpage.
    • Those eligible to vote shall be: all the teachers, students, parents and members of the local communities of the participating schools;
    • The voting shall last till 26th October  2018 (0:00 hour);
    • The logo which wins shall be conveyed into a computerized version in order to be used for the purposes of the project (its promotion, dissemination, banners etc.)