Plastic pollution is a problem throughout the world that causes problems in our towns, cities and oceans because it causes so much harm and so much mess. We would like to work with people who want to explore ways to tackle the problems that plastic brings to our community by getting the children to research alternative ways of using plastic and dif...


    Project Journal

    • Today Polish students carefully examined the contents of their school bags. Take a look to see how many plastic things they found.

      - Posted by Iwona Kowalik, 11.10.2018

    • Before our autumn holidays start, we would like to show you, how we digged some trash in our school garden:

      - Posted by Barbara Klaassen, 11.10.2018

    • It is time to announce the winner of our logo competition

      voting results

      That means our common project logo was drawn by Mayflower primary school

      - Posted by Barbara Klaassen, 11.10.2018

    • Everyday we bring some food to have second breakfast in school. Last week we recorded every day what we brought to school and especially how it was packed. As well we collected all trash to show you. BUT our cleaning staff was too fast ... 🤷
      We will collect after our autumn holidays again.

      - Posted by Hendrik Schmidt, 10.10.2018

    • I have been sent this link via an email and thought that it would be interesting to share with the children how much people are offering for solutions to looking for more environmentally safe products

      - Posted by Patrick Carroll, 09.10.2018