Easter Traditions

We want to exchange information about how we prepare and celebrate Easter in our countries.

Project Journal

  • Thanks for everyone for the collaborating in our project. I had really very good time there and knew some ICT programs what I haven't used before.
    Thank You Anna, for your ideas and so nice cakes.
    I and my students are very happy that we had this project.
    We wish you all the best and good ideas for the future projects.
    - Posted by Asta Joniškienė, 24.04.2015

  • Thank you for all your work and good luck in your future projects!
    Anna Przygoda and Teresa Zawadzka
    - Posted by Anna Przygoda, 23.04.2015

  • Sorry, I have given the wrong link. Here's the right link.

    - Posted by Anna Przygoda, 12.04.2015

  • Hello, try this Easter quiz to see how much you know about Easter:
    You'll find the active link on my school's page.
    - Posted by Anna Przygoda, 12.04.2015

  • Next week we are finishing our project but you still have a few days to add something.
    Here's an activity for your students to practice Easter words:
    - Posted by Anna Przygoda, 11.04.2015