We speak ‘European’!

26.09.2018: European Language Day. In celebration of this day, we put European languages and the countries in which these languages are spoken in the spotlights. Via communication, collaboration and sharing information in a creative way, students get the opportunity to see similarities and differences between languages, school life and culture.


    Project Journal

    • Hi. I have put our proposals in the availability file. I've tried to match days and times in order to have the possibility to speak in English and in French in our videoconferences. Could you please contact me if you find this ok for you? Thanks.
      - Posted by Monica Rocchi, 15.09.2018

    • Email addresses are needed to send postcards. Please, pprovide one información the school participants page. Thank you.
      - Posted by Manuel Francisco Carro Suárez, 15.09.2018

    • I am a teacher of Classics (from Spain, Basque country) and I want to find a partner for video conference in Latin or Ancient Greek. Availability: Thursday: 13:35-15:25.
      - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 14.09.2018

    • Is it clear that videconferences can be held at any other day but 26? I say this just in case people haven't rtealized it and a different date suits them better.
      - Posted by Manuel Francisco Carro Suárez, 14.09.2018

    • I'm looking for a partner school that would you be keen on teaching my students (and me) their native language in exchange for us teaching them a little bit of ours - languages other than English very much welcome:). If interested, let me know at anisimowiczagnieszka@tlen.pl.
      - Posted by Agnieszka Anisimowicz, 12.09.2018