We speak ‘European’!

26.09.2018: European Language Day. In celebration of this day, we put European languages and the countries in which these languages are spoken in the spotlights. Via communication, collaboration and sharing information in a creative way, students get the opportunity to see similarities and differences between languages, school life and culture.

Project Journal

  • Congratulationes maximas victori! Teachers and students from IES urbi like it!!
    - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 11.11.2018

  • Congratulations to the winner(s). Nice!
    - Posted by Isabel Sousa, 10.11.2018

  • Great logo ! Congratulations to the winner(s)
    - Posted by Anne Collet, 10.11.2018

  • And we have a winner in our logo-contest!
    Check the results on the page 'logo'.
    - Posted by Veerle De Deckere, 10.11.2018

  • Great thanks for taking part in the polling for the most important words (Page => Our most important words...) - so far, the winner is 'respect'. If your students keep submitting their choices, I'll update the word cloud as soon as possible.


    - Posted by Agnieszka Anisimowicz, 03.11.2018