We speak ‘European’!

26.09.2018: European Language Day. In celebration of this day, we put European languages and the countries in which these languages are spoken in the spotlights. Via communication, collaboration and sharing information in a creative way, students get the opportunity to see similarities and differences between languages, school life and culture.


    Project Journal

    • Shouldn't the calendar of previous activities and international activites be published in a page with subpages?

      - Posted by Manuel Francisco Carro Suárez, 12.07.2018

    • I am sure all teacher memebers should be made administrators since Teacher-administrators have control and full access to every place in TwinSpace, they can accept new activities and users and - in general - carry out all possible actions in TwinSpace. Amongst other things, they are the only ones who can decide what parts are kept private and which ones are made public. Founder partners of a project automatically become teacher-administrators of the TwinSpace.
      - Posted by Manuel Francisco Carro Suárez, 12.07.2018

    • I have just noticed I am already in theproject lable. Thank you!!!!
      - Posted by Manuel Francisco Carro Suárez, 12.07.2018

    • I really would like to thank Veerle for this great job. And thanks to all the members of this project. We'll do a great work together! See you!
      - Posted by Monica Rocchi, 04.07.2018

    • Thanks for your great job Veerle.Happy holıday for everyone untıl at the end of August.
      - Posted by Oya Kılıç, 04.07.2018