Our planned partnership will focus on using the arts as a means of promoting pupils developmental skills. Having different cultures in the project, it enhances fantasy, knowledge, creativity and multiculturalism. Furthermore, it will strengthen their knowledge and understanding of their role and belonging in the European Community. It is a project...

Project Journal

  • 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of the European Project Erasmus+ “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” (2015-1-EL01-KA219-013904_1)
    Barcelona 6 – 9/02/2018

    The third (3rd) transnational project meeting of the coordinators of the European Project Erasmus+ “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” (2015-1-EL01-KA219-013904_1) was conducted in Barcelona between the 6th and 9th of February 2018.

    The coordinators of the strategic partnership started the meeting on Wednesday 07.02.2018 in CE Can Rigol and completed the works on Friday 09.02.2018. The meeting’s agenda included:

    • The conclusion of the activities and the evaluations
    • The European Platform

    • The Mobility tool

    • The writing of the final report of the project

    • E-twinning

    On Friday 09.02.2018 we participated in a farewell carnival celebration. The well organized programme included tours in places of cultural interest.

    The transnational project meeting was truly successful as we decided on important matters concerning the conclusion of our project.
    Thank you Can Rigol for the impeccable hospitality.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 05.03.2018

  • ACTIVITY N. 10.2, "STOP BULLYING" from Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40, Bytom - Poland

    Our students took part in workshops with high school students to prevent bullying among them.
    First, working in pairs SEN student – high school student, they discussed which behaviors meant bullying. They were given situations and tried to find solutions. They used psychodrama to show bullying and to show how to fight with it.
    At the end, working in groups, the students created collages to show how to stop bullying.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 05.03.2018

  • ACTIVITY N. 10, "DRESS UP AND ACT" from Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40, Bytom - Poland

    The polish students were dressed various clothes and played the roles according to the way they were dressed up and according to the given situations.

    Photo sessions with professional photographers - Natalia Poniatowska and next, we had a discussion on how pupils felt with the different roles and also how we respond to different circumstances.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 05.03.2018

  • ACTIVITY N. 9, "READ ME - FELL ME" from Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40, Bytom - Poland

    During Read me – feel me activity Polish school used poetry of J.Tuwim, poems of D.Wawiłow, M.Kotowska, E.Zawistowska, D.Gellner, M.Strzałkowska.
    The students and librarians were reading the books and poems, watching videos with hidden meanings. During various activities (painting, drawing, drama, artcraft) they had a chance to communicate, cooperate, recognise the emotions, be empathetic, react spontaneously. It was time full of joy.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 05.03.2018


    The 4th extra short term joint staff training and learning activity in Bad Teinach Zavelstein Germany has been conducted and concluded with great success. 13 professionals, coordinators and participants, from each of the countries of the partnership, met in Bad Teinach Zavelstein from the 13th of March until the 17th of March 2017 to share good practices and therefore improve the quality of their institutions or methods on their return.

    The German partners have set an example for imitation regarding the outstanding hospitality, the excellent organization, the training programme, their education and culture. The welcoming of the partnership was heartily, warm and sincere. Heike Eichbauer, the German coordinator with the cooperation of all her colleagues had prepared a unique programme, with truly inspiring activities and workshops, interactive and highly educational. The week we spent in the school was called “project week” where pupils were engaged with different workshops and projects which at the end of the week were presented to the parents and guests with “an open day” celebration.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 23.02.2018