Our planned partnership will focus on using the arts as a means of promoting pupils developmental skills. Having different cultures in the project, it enhances fantasy, knowledge, creativity and multiculturalism. Furthermore, it will strengthen their knowledge and understanding of their role and belonging in the European Community. It is a project...

Project Journal

  • Activity 10.2 «Stop Bullying» (Greece) is related to the phenomenon of School Bullying. It was first discussed in class what school bullying means, what its causes, what is the profile of intimidating people (bullies), what is the profile of people they are usually bullied, how to deal with this phenomenon. Then the students played roles where they played out the bad behavior of school bullying but also how we react when you we are bullied. In this activity pupils from classes A1 and A2 participated. In the end, we created a small spot to combat school bullying. We hope that you like it.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 14.05.2017

  • Activity 10.1 «Dress up and act» asked pupils to become actors and actresses and perform roles in small plays. Each project drafted a brief social story at school or outside school, using our imagination and images on the interactive board. The pupils dressed up depending on the role or played freely in the school environment.
    The objectives of the activity were to enable our students to express and impart different feelings but also to name the feelings that emerge in the given situations, to point out a misconduct, to suggest and to impart the right behavior, to comment on, to cooperate and to have fun. We hope the following video with little social stories will entertain you and educate you.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 14.05.2017

  • The impressions of the Greek participants to the mobility to Germany

    Our short term joint staff training and learning activity has been an amazing experience. The educational program through the project week has been remarkable, the hospitality of our partners was unique and the cultural activities amazing. My opinion is, that our German partners has set an example of civilization and high quality education. Heike Eichbauer the German coordinator, had organized an amazing program for all of us.
    Thank you partners from German for everything. The experience was unforgettable.
    Mourelatou Stamoula, Occupational Therapist, Main Coordinator of the Erasmus+ project “Artemotion Xpress in Europe”, 1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos, Athens, Greece.

    The mobility to Germany was incredible. The school was fantastic and the pupils so loving and friendly. The educational staff gave us a big hug and we all felt that we belong there. Thank you for the amazing experience.
    Rita Papatsani Special Education Teacher, 1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos, Athens, Greece.

    Thank you very much colleagues from Bad Teinach Zavelstein and Karl Georg School for the unique experience and mobility. The programme was perfect and your pupils amazing. The land where you live with the black forest and all the natural beauty is truly fantastic. For me, it was just amazing being there with you and living all these moments together. Thank you very much.
    Banasa Maria, Special Education Teacher, 1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos, Athens, Greece.
    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 14.05.2017

  • Contests -Extra activity_March -April 2017_CSEI nr 1 Sibiu, Romania

    Our school took part in the contests called "Made for Europe" and "Together through art', in March - April 2017. We participated with the Erasmus product called "The birth of Jesus" shadow theater at the "Made for Europe" contest and with the dance called "The dance of the music notes" at the "Together through art" contest. Enjoy the video!

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 14.05.2017

  • "Stop bullying!" - Activity No 10.2, March-April 2017, Sibiu, Romania
    The students from the 5th to 8th grade participated together with their teachers in this activity.
    We have proposed to inform, to be aware and to sensitize the students, parents and teachers on issues of bullying phenomenon, the causes and its effects and especially ways of preventing and solving, by using ART (dance, painting, role games, drawing). I hope you will like this video.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 24.04.2017