Our planned partnership will focus on using the arts as a means of promoting pupils developmental skills. Having different cultures in the project, it enhances fantasy, knowledge, creativity and multiculturalism. Furthermore, it will strengthen their knowledge and understanding of their role and belonging in the European Community. It is a project...

Project Journal


    The mobility to Slovenia has been a fantastic experience. The program that our partners had prepared for us was amazing and very educational. The pupils were magnificent and their welcome was very warm. We also had the chance to meet the country and the cultural heritage and it was very beautiful. Special thanks to our hosts from Slovenia for this unique experience.
    Mourelatou Stamoula – Occupational Therapist, Main Coordinator of the Erasmus+project “Artemotion Xpress in Europe”

    Thank you colleagues from Slovenia for the beautiful mobility. It was great knowing you, your school, your town and country. Your program was full and very educational. Until we meet again.
    Feredinos Andreas, Special Education Teacher

    The hospitality of the Slovenian partners was unique. Their program at school was excellent and the organized activities outdoors were various combining both cultural and environmental interest. Thank you partners for the lovely mobility.
    Gianna Giota, Gymnast

    I had the opportunity to participate in a very interesting mobility of the Erasmus + program “Artemotion Xpress in Europe”. Slovenia is a special country, with beautiful landscape, very tasty cuisine and also warm and friendly people, who showed great hospitality. Their school is a modern, new and well-equipped building and the educational staff is well trained and willing to exchange knowledge and good practices with their visitors.
    The program throughout our stay was well organized and structured, with various educational activities. The friendship and the strong bond, which has been developed between the participants, was once again quite obvious. It was a successful mobility as it fulfilled the goals of the "Artemotion Xpress in Europe" program. Thank you dear colleagues from Slovenia.
    Mina Miha, Speech Language Therapist

    Ιn our mobility to Slovenia we had the luck to participate in an interesting educational program for children with special needs. The pupils and the partners were very friendly and their country was amazing.

    I would like you to thank you on behalf of my partners and myself.
    Zacharenia Markezini, Assistant

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 25.06.2017

  • 11th ACTIVITY, "pet time - happy time", Athens - Greece.

    The 11th official activity of the Erasmus + project «Artemotion Xpress in Europe» is called «Pet time Happy time». It was chosen to take place after the completion of the short term joint staff training and learning event in Ptuj, Slovenia, as we attended an introductory seminar on the use of pets, especially dogs, at school and in the classroom. Our Slovenian partners use trained therapeutic dogs regularly and observe enormous changes in their pupils” behavior, notably in feelings, concentration, sociability.

    So we organized a week where each day teachers brought their pets at school. Everyday the students had the opportunity to get in touch with animals like dogs, rabbits, turtles, birds. It is a fact that all pupils were enthusiastic, happy and interactive with the pets. Even the most «severe» children cared for the animals and smiled with the tactile stimulus.

    The objectives of our activity:

    1. Contact – acquaintance of teachers’ pets with the pupils
    2. Monitor the reactions and feelings developed by the contact with the pets
    3. Express these feelings through paintings and words

    On the following video you can watch the feelings and reactions of our pupils from their contact with the pets.

    Research and observation of pets in the classroom prove:

    1. Pets aid in improving school attendance – Students become excited about school because they get to see their animal friends.

    2.Pets encourage nurturing – Kids soon learn that if they want their classroom pet to be happy and healthy, they’ll need to treat it carefully and kindly.

    3.Pets build self esteem – Helping to take care of a pet gives a child a sense of pride and accomplishment.

    4.Pets promote empathy – By caring for a pet, children develop an increased awareness of the needs and feelings of others, and see how their actions affect their little friends.

    5.Pets teach responsibility – Having to take care of a pet builds a sense of responsibility in children.

    6.Pets stimulate learning – When classroom pets are included in the lesson plan, students will approach learning with a new enthusiasm and interest.

    7. Pets enrich the classroom experience – Not only do pets bring a new excitement for learning, but they provide a warm and welcoming environment for students.

    8.Pets become friends. Pets provide kids with unconditional love and support. They become a confidant and a non-judgmental friend.

    Hope you like the video!

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 12.06.2017

  • Dear followers,
    Last friday pupils from El Prat de Llobregat -Spain and Bytom -Poland have connected via Skype to introduce themselves and have a little talk about their favourite things and hobbies. Here some pictures of the experience.






    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 12.06.2017


    This activity is part of the dance project developed by pupils from Secondary Education level. We have worked on the concept and features of the movement through the body and the rhythm. Later the pupils have reflected on the expirience.

    It has been very interesting, take a look!

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 06.06.2017

  • ACTIVITY 10.1., "Dress up and act" - CEE CAN RIGOL - SPAIN

    Dear followers,
    This is an activity based on roll playing. The pupils decided to dress and act as a sportists and later on were asked about their feelings and the experience with the support of the digital board.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 01.06.2017