Our planned partnership will focus on using the arts as a means of promoting pupils developmental skills. Having different cultures in the project, it enhances fantasy, knowledge, creativity and multiculturalism. Furthermore, it will strengthen their knowledge and understanding of their role and belonging in the European Community. It is a project...

Project Journal

  • Activity 10.2 STOP BULLYING - GERMANY

    The activity "Stop bullying" was conducted by our oldest students in vocational level, but as a part of the Violence Prevention Concept the whole school established together in spring. To get started they had support by two professionals from an Academy providing social skills trainings for adolescents, which was a great experience for all participants.

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 17.10.2017

  • Dear followers and partners,

    School Centre for Inclusive Education No 1 Sibiu, Romania, will organize on the 13th of October, 2017, the project’s dissemination “Artemotion Xpress in Europe”, during the “Info Days Erasmus+” events. The activity is called ”The walking banner” and it is dedicated to promote activities and positive experiences which were gained during the project. The locations where the activities will be held, are: School Centre for Inclusive Education No 2 Sibiu, The Big Square, Nicolae Balcescu street, Mitropoliei street and The Small Square. We are waiting for you to come.


    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 12.10.2017

  • Dear followers and partners,

    We have created a Youtube channel where you can see all the videos of our project. The videos are classified in different playlists depending on the type of activities. You can access by copying and pasting in your browser the following link:
    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 12.10.2017

  • “Party time” - Activ no 12_Sept-Oct 2017_CSEI Nr. 1 Sibiu, Romania

    The planned activity for September –October 2017 is called “Party time!”
    So, we organized an Art Party!
    This is what we have done at the Art party:
    1. Paintings
    2. Photography
    3. Party props
    4. Dance
    Take a look to see more! Enjoy!

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 04.10.2017

  • ACTIVITY 8. CHRISTMAS TALE. Karl-Georg-Haldenwang-School in Bad Teinach- Zavelstein -

    Dear followers,

    Due to technical problems this video wasn't available before but now you can enjoy the Christmas Story of the students of the German school.

    Enjoy it!

    - Posted by Rodrigo Fafián, 04.09.2017