TURKEY: Hacı Murat Hatice Özsoy Anadolu Lisesi

  • Hacı Murat Hatice Özsoy Anadolu Lisesi is a state high school in Çeşme,İzmir. It has 280 students aged between 15-18 and 26 teachers. Students have to take an exam to attend the school after the 8th grade,which makes the education level higher than standard high schools or vocational schools.

    Our school prepares the students for the university in four fields; Science, Maths, Foreign Languages and Social Sciences.After the first two years at school (9th and 10th grades) students choose the subjects they want to study according to their skills and wishes in the 11th class. They get the university exam in two stages (in March and June) in the 12th class. Our school has a reputation of sending their students to universities with a rate of 78 per cent,the highest in Çeşme.

    Çeşme has become a worldwide famous tourism spot since 1980s and the residents’ profile has changed dramatically since then.Most of our students are the children of middle-class labourers who migrated to Çeşme after the tourism boom or the locals who had to change their jobs from being farmers to tourism based jobs like running hotels,pensions,restaurants or souvenirs shops. So the students today have to get a good education to face the necessities of these changes. Most of our students have part time jobs in hotels,restaurants or windsurf schools.