Introducing Our Schools

This is a short project to show our schools and school life to students and teachers of other countries (subjects, timetable, buildings...). Aimed at pupils aged 10-12 in Primary Education.

Task 3: School subjects and timetables

April is here and so is Task 3!

This time we will talk about our school subjects and our timetables.


- What subjects do you study at school?

- What are your favourite subjects?

- Which subjects are you good or bad at?

- What time do you have Maths, English, etc.?


You may either write a short text in the Pupils' forum Task 3 thread or you can upload a presentation, a video or an audio recording.

Please, upload a picture or a text file of your timetable translated to English for this task.


Is your timetable similar or different from other countries?



Next, our friends from Greece talk about their school subjects and our timetables:


Author: Francisco Manuel González Galán
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