CUP - Cheer U-ropean Pupils

Soon the Soccer world-championship 2018 will start in Russia. Such events cast a spell over most people, so our kids. We will use this fascination to work around the teams and countries taking part.

Project Journal

  • Thanks to the French team for adding their audios to our "football word VOKI".
    Now you can listen to three different languages :-)

    - Posted by Barbara Klaassen, 25.09.2018

  • Next days our school will start again - as well Fußball-Bundesliga ( or 1. Bundesliga ) the professional association football league in Germany started last weekend.
    Last years Bayern Munich got the trophy - let's see what will happen this year. My favourite is BVB Dortmund (I grew up in Dortmund).
    What about your National leagues and your favourite teams?
    - Posted by Barbara Klaassen, 28.08.2018

  • Congrats to France -but as well congrats to Croatia.
    Compare how we bet and the results ...

    How France got to be champion.jpg


    - Posted by Barbara Klaassen, 17.07.2018

  • Summer holidays !!!
    Friday was our last day in school before holidays, we managed to record and add our words to the football voice thread.
    Of course we will follow the last two matches of the tournement, so we can discuss after our holidays.
    Kids from class 3a will be back in our school on August 29th.
    4th graders will be pupils of other schools (primary schools end with 4th garde and secondary start with 5th grade).
    We wish you all happy and relaxing holidays. See you after summer.
    Enjoy the summer!
    - Posted by Barbara Klaassen, 15.07.2018

  • And who will be world champion: France or Croatia?
    Congratulation to both teams to have reached the final, but as well to England and Belgium for playing such great semifinals.
    - Posted by Barbara Klaassen, 11.07.2018