My School Garden

This project aims to create an education and practice community of students and teachers that develop and work on their school gardens to become aware of local environmental issues and get in touch with the nature around them. The participants work on garden theory and practice to maximaze motivation and involvement in the project.


    Project Journal

    • In the autumn students planted lots od bulb plants in the garden.
      - Posted by iwona kciuk, 06.01.2016

    • July: summer is so dry , the plants must be watered almost every day.The garden looks fantastic. Lavender, heuchera, phlox, rock plants, funkia are blooming..
      - Posted by iwona kciuk, 17.07.2015

    • June : The rose bushes are blooming, the colours are wonderful. The view is amazing.The students carried on work on the school garden, they planted a lot of flowers.
      - Posted by iwona kciuk, 17.07.2015

    • In may numerous succulents were planted and a kind of rockery was made. To get some kind of inspiration students and teachers went for a trip to a to Botanical Garden in Powsin nearby Warsaw. The students admired a variety of blooming plants . They expanded their knowledge about the plants that we have in our school garden like: rock plants hosta and Heuchera. They got to know about their soil, humidity, environment and sunshide requirements.

      - Posted by iwona kciuk, 17.07.2015

    • In April began work in the garden. Firstly , students spent a few hours digging and plundering the ground. Then they planted rose bushes and dahlias. The school garden was created according to the winning project of Aleksandra and Klaudia. Works on preparing the ground for the different kinds of plants and bushes lasted till the end of April.
      - Posted by iwona kciuk, 17.07.2015