1 - Our project's timing and objectives



    cooperation, multilanguages, multilingual, comunication, inovation, integration, multiculture


    Specification of our project:



    - Start with choosing the colour, which every country will use for all products as a main and a LOGO


    October/ November/December

    - An empty map of the Europe - every cooperate country will coloured every part with the colour of the country chose and join flags

    - Magasine  -  one magazine about all cooperated school

    - School natural beauty story - own

    - Picture with the portraits of the children from one country on their own logo (of the school) as a puzzle                                              

    - Part of the tree - collage - each country created one part from the brown strips of paper and complete it with leaves, fruits, …
    from tase parts will create one together tree



    - Animal origami - step by step to fold some animal from paper

    - School natural beauty story - own



    - Memory cards from the pictures of the flowers - 2 pieces from each country with name in national language, in English and through the pallet every other country join its own title

    - School natural beauty story - own

    - Uncompleted story - one start and five another stories with own end comics story - drawing story



    Expecting results:

    - a collaborative magasine

    - collaborative games: puzzles, memories

    - five books of the natural stories from five countries through the children eyes 

    - art methods and technics (collage, drawing, printing, origami, collections, painting, …)
    - using ICT tools: padlet, animoto, jigsawplanet, text generator, learning apps...




    • make children know from other countries, meet new friends
    • learn more about other European schools and nature
    • confront other languages, to be open to explore world
    • learn more about each others cultures to overcome prejudices and transmit tolerance
    • will work on respect for others and respect for oneself
    • enable people to enrich themselves and flourish as citizens with respect and knowledge of nature
    • using tools in computer and don't afraid of it
    • protect nature, learn about environment 
    • create, observe, recognise