You, me and Hemingway - digital literature analyzing skills

  • You, me and Hemingway – digital literature analyzing skills


    "You, me and Hemingway" was a project for promoting upper secondary school students' literature analyzing skills in an interactive and interesting way: the aim was to work on a same Hemingway short story and to combine both individual reading, classroom discussion and online digital collaboration between the students from three different European countries.

    The students were introduced to Hemingway and his production. Their literature analyzing skills were supposed to strengthen. They were encouraged to take part in literature discussion and share their thoughts. They would also get an experience on international collaboration and thus will widen their perceptions on different European countries and culture. Moreover their ICT skills would improve.

    The partners were European School Luxembourg, Johanna Lampela, Srednja škola Hvar, Hvar Kroatia Natalija Moskatelo and Ylitornion yhteiskoulun lukio, Hanna Viippola and Mirjami Hyttinen. In Ylitornio the project combined two subjects, English and Finnish and Literature.


    What happened in the project?


    The teachers from the three countries (Luxembourg, Finland and Kroatia) and schools involved, planned the content, objects and the schedule for the project with emails, short message apps, video calls and shared documents. The project was supposed to happen in May 2018.

    Each partner divided their students into seven groups and the final collaboration groups were to consist of students from three countries. All students made an introduction about themselves as readers but unfortunately for some reason the students of Croatia didn´t get into the collaboration files i google docs. They had their introductions in twinspace. 

    The first task for the groups will be to create a picture, who was Ernest Hemingway. After getting introduced to Ernest Hemingway and his production the students read one short story of Hemingway. The reading was followed by classroom discussion, promoted with a help of Prism app. The app was used to help making the analysis. 

    The project groups discussed the story on a digital discussion platform and create a shared outcome based on their online discussions. Each group had a different task based on the novelle read: pieces of news from the world of novelle Killers, analysis of the story, biography of Hemingway, a description of the project, poems about the story, a letter written by one of the characters and a trailer about the novelle. Each group was also given the chance to take photos or take pictures about the process. In Finland the students acted the novelle in English in order to get pictures for the trailer.