bSafe Project

  • The bSafe project is about eSafety.

    The main goal is to produce a movie that includes true stories.

    "True Stories about Web Dangers" will be a compilation of videos based on true stories of youth that have been victims on the internet.These videos will be produced by teams made up of different partners.

    The working process will be:

    Each team collects some young people’s testimonies once victims on the internet (stalking, slandering, fraud, sexual grooming, identity theft, fake news, ...). These anonymous testimonies could be collected with a google form provided in the school websites and social networks.

    These testimonies will be compiled and shared on twinspace. After the selection the most relevant stories will be distributed among partners.

    International teams will develop each script/storyboard about the stories that have been chosen and produce its corresponding video as a team’s co-production.

    The video can be produced using one of the following methods: role-played by the students, stop-motion animation, storytelling with still images or any other that the partners find adequate.

    The format and duration of the videos must to be articulated among the partners involved in the project.

    After securely published, the videos will be analyzed and aligned, and, finally, edited on one single movie by one of the teams.

    But this project could be more than a video production and evolve into a more global safety Internet project.