In order to increase students' learning motivation by using innovative teaching techniques and to propagate the media educational work in different areas, film scripts will be worked out and realised in all Partner countries. Thus, small movies will be created that introduce regions, institutions and cultural features and local architecture. To facilitate the exchange of films between the partners all will be shot in English. Thus the participants learn how to plan movie projects, to deal with the digital film technology, the editing and sound rendering as well as the public representation. A side effect is the active use and immersion of the English language. There is much room for creative ideas, the participants will learn a lot about institutions and cultural features in their own regions and are given the chance to compare their region and work with those of their other partners. Participants will recognize similarities and receive impulses to optimize their own organisation and projects. Furthermore the participants will learn about new occupational fields that normally are outside their daily experience. The results of their films which encompass following the titles “The beauty of my territory”, “Leisure time places, culture and own region facilities”, “Art and outstanding architecture in my area”,will be released via internet where everybody who is interested may watch them. In order to increase cooperation between students and teachers a commom movie is going to be created along the 3 years project with the tittle "The ideal European school".

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