Safe Internet Day at our schools

Thanks to this project our students could become more aware of what on-line safety is and how to be conscious Internet users. It could also make them realise the necessity of improving English skills which enables them to cooperate with people who learn English as a foreign language.

Project Journal

  • The work on the project is in progress. The schools involved in the project have been working hard. So far here on Twinspace there have appeared some lovely materials e.g. welcoming letters, group photos, materials concerning schools and information on our celebrations of SID.

    - Posted by Iwona Lis, 27.03.2018

  • And it is time to start our project. The work on it started before it got on-line, and now it is time to get to know a bit about partner schools and participants. As soon as all the participants have been registered we shall work on the topic of SID. For the start we can 'examine' the TwinSpace and have some fun with English :)
    - Posted by Iwona Lis, 24.02.2018