Voting page!

  • Time to vote!!!


    1. Click here to open the voting page (it will take a while for all pictures to load, please be patient...).
    2. Write your name in the box on the right top corner and click on join.
    3. As soon as your name appears on the list with the participants, you can vote.
    4. You have three votes. Just click on the dot under the photo you like and it will turn green. When you leave the page and refresh it, it turns black- this means that your vote was counted. You don't have to do anything else to save it!
    5. If you want, you can leave a comment under a photo by clicking on the little bubble/ cloud or write something in the chat.

    *Everyone can vote, students, parents, friends, teachers, neighbours...​

    *There will be five winners, according to the votes and not to their country.

    *Each school will decide for the winner in their country.

    *You can vote till April 30th and then the winners will be announced!

    *Awards and prizes will be given during a videoconference, joined by all partner schools.


    Very important!!! You can only use your three votes once and the students taking part in the contest cannot vote for their own photo!