Culture through programming - CuThPro


    The project is mainly about discovering the culture of European countries. It uses Scratch (programming language) as the main tool. The goal of the project is to create educational games or animations that students can share and play.

    ajalugu , disain ja tehnoloogia , geograafia , informaatika/IKT , keel ja kirjandus , kunst , muusika , seob kõiki õppeaineid , tehnoloogia
    Student ages:
    9 - 12
    e-post, Foorum, chatroom, web, Muu tarkvara (Powerpoint, video, fotod, joonistused), Videokonverents, TwinSpace
    - to discover different cultures of Europe and share information (educational system, school life, free time), - to learn programming (step by step) and discover Scratch - to make animations and simple games using Scratch. - to develop students' language and programming skills - to share experiences by students and teachers.
    1. Getting to know each other
    1.1. Preparing a Power Point Presentation: students are supposed to introduce themselves and present their schools – deadline: the end of November 2014
    1.2. Making teams - deadline: the end of November 2014
    1.3. Organising a chat session: students can ask some questions, learn about their hobbies, interests, etc., they work in teams - deadline: the end of December 2014
    2. First steps in Sctrach, the topic of the game: Culture (geography, food, festivals, history, music, famous people, etc.)
    2.1. Creating a logo of the project: each team designs a logo and post it, pupils are going to vote to choose their favourite one – deadline: the end of January 2015
    2.2. Designing a game character, giving it a name and adding simple moving – deadline: the end of February 2015
    2.3. Brainstorming the ideas of the game – deadline: the end of March 2015
    2.4 Creating an animation or a game – deadline: the end of May 2015
    3. Sharing the animations and games and watching and playing them, exchanging comments, having fun, evaluation of the project, voting for the most attractive game – deadline: the end of June 2015.
    Final product:
    Animations, games, quizes in TwinSpace with materials created during the project.