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    outside class playing a game that helps bind the team






    inside class brainstorm







    We agreed each student write to his profile a brief presentation of himself and what his views on the future are.

    So, here are some of their stories:


    Anastasis Panagopoulos

    Hello! My name is Anastasis and I go to the first grade of High School. I'm really interested in computers and technology and in the future I think computers will dominate in all aspects of life. Jobs that now require physical skills will be performed by robots. Together with the use of other sciences, like chemistry and biology, poverty could be eliminated, because of the development of cheap food sources. At the same time, having humans on other planets won't seem that impossible. As you can see, I'm pretty positive about the future. What about you?

    Angeliki Chatzi 

    Hoi, my name is Angeliki and I'm from the Experimental High School of Patras. I love memes with a burning passion and spend my free time reading comics and watching Doctor Who. Yes, I know I'm a boring person

    Giannis Kantzaris

    Hey mates. I am Giannis Kantzaris (aka Spinky) and I am a teenager student in Experimental Senior High of Patras. In my free time, I occupy my self editing videos, photoshopping pictures, making pc games, gaming. I also play box. I want to attend a university and take programming/game engineering and work as a game dev/programmer.

    Ioannis Kollias

    Hello, my name is Ioannis (aka Saillok) and. I am really interested in coding and computers, which are something I want to be involved with professionally when I grow up. I think that programming will play an enormous role in future society.

    Myriam Shoumaf

    Hello, my name is Myriam Shoumaf and I am a student in the Experimental High School of Patras. In the future, technology will have advanced, robots will be working most of the jobs people do today, and everything will revolve around programming. Big cities will be in their prime, with nearly 90% of the world's population will live in them. Moreover, life expectancy will have skyrocketed, yet there probably will be a major problem with low birth rates. Lastly, the environment will have perished and only a few protected locations will survive, expect the metropolies' artificial green parks.

    Sotiris Douklias

    Being a technology and science nerd, I am always ready for a challenge. Like a good theory? If so, what do you think the future will be like? In my view, a nuclear war and a resources-oriented war is coming soon, so pack some food and prepare.

    Vaggelis Tzefrios

    My name is Vaggelis and I am 16 years old. I like playing football when I have free time and I like playing the piano. I believe the future will mostly be fine except for the fact that water may not be that common. Apart from that, everything will probably be fine (after the upcoming wars :) )

    In addition...

    Sotiris Douklias wrote a true story about his life in school and how he prepares himself for his future...

    "Attending an experimental school can be great fun. After finishing our courses, we get the chance to take part in classes which focus on certain activities. These classes are called “Study Groups” and are a student favorite.

    In our group, we programmed two robots entirely from scratch and we have also used one in a theatrical play. The first was called Ev3 and the second S4A (this one works with a Leonardo Arduino). We “taught” the Ev3 to move and understand it’s surroundings and conduct certain tricks. In addition, we have also made an internet page and some apps. Apart from that, we also surf the web, talk about technical stuff and last but not least have fun with discovering things.

    Quite interestingly, we also participate in activities along with other schools outside of Greece. Some of us even made and posted their own videos. We are also making plans to go on a trip next year.  Lastly, we also make things with Java.

    To sum up, one would ask: Why are you doing all these things? The answer is quite simple. We can see a future flooded with robotics and we are determined to make that happen so our life will easier. Addingly, it’s also fun!"

    AND YES,

    Here is a brief presentation of our ROBOTS that our pupils have made and programmed in our "CIT Group" (Computer InformationTechnology Group)


    1st:  EV3 Lego Mindstorm acting in the play:

    "Fricandela, the witch who hated Christmas carols "

    Here is a short video

    Programming language: JAVA 
    Programming environment: Eclipse, LeJOS
    A sneak look at the Java code : 

    2nd:  S4A Gigo Programming Bricks :

    The S4A Programming Bricks, is an Arduino Leonardo based platform, compatible with the S4A (Scratch for Arduino) programming environment.

    Programming language: Scratch for Arduino 


    Our team

    Pupils :

    Anastasis Panagopoulos
    Angeliki Chatzi
    Angela Mastrogiannopoulou
    Billy Asimakopoulos
    Constantinos Chantzis
    Dido Chamakioti
    Dimosthenis Bakogiannis
    Dionisis Sotiropoulos
    Elena Skouta
    Fotis Fotopoulos

    Giannis Kantzaris
    Ifigenia Bakogianni
    Ioannis Kolias
    Maria Tsipi
    Myriam Shoumaf
    Sotiris Douklias

    Elina Plali Sorra


    Evagelia Kounavie,

    Georgia Thanasoulia,

    George Arlapanos

    Thank you All

    Hope you Enjoy our work

    See you next year with much more time for real communication!