The magic world of quadrangles

Our project brings together students from different countries who are interested in the development of mathematical and logical thinking, in deepening the knowledge to solve various problems on "Quadrangles". The given project is aimed at teachers of Mathematics, Informatics, as well as, all interested persons.


    Project Journal

    • Thanks to our partners.


      - Posted by Anastasija Zaharova, 23.06.2018

    • Thank you dear partners for the meaningful collaboration!!!

      Thank you

      - Posted by Regīna Urbanoviča, 20.06.2018

    • Voting results (Evaluate your participation in the project and Share your experience about the participation in the project)

      Voting results.docx

      - Posted by Regīna Urbanoviča, 18.06.2018

    • Digital books The magic world of quadrangles

      PartI In the world of equations.rar

      Part II.rar

      part III.rar

      - Posted by Regīna Urbanoviča, 08.06.2018

    • Dear participants, you are welcome to answer the questions about your impressions of the project.

      - Posted by Regīna Urbanoviča, 28.05.2018