Go For Literacy to Enlighten your Future

It consists of a project which will show the way our students can improve their key competences;reading, writing, listening and speaking, and other non-linguistic and transversal: autonomy, critical thinking, entrepreneurship among others, in language lessons they attend in Spain, Estonia, Turkey, Germany and France within the framework of Erasmus ...

Project Journal

  • Group 1 meeting on Skype


    - Posted by Raquel Abad, 23.04.2018

  • Ana Millán (09/04): My group and I met last 9. We got to know each other better and we could talk about how we had the project. We only met Robyn, Basak and me, because Peter couldn’t meet and we didn’t have anybody from France. We were approximately 15 minutes. We got on very well. Someone still did not have the book, but the others yes.
    - Posted by ana millan, 17.04.2018