Transnational meeting in Italy 5/2018

  • Partners schools ( Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy) of Erasmus visited school in Italy, Lodi. There were 3 teachers and 6 children from Turkey, 3 teachers and 8 children from Spain and 3 teachers and 13 children from Czech Republic. We made lots of activities at 3 schools in Lodi (Don Milani school, Pezzani school and Pezzani school). Teachers and children had jobshadowing about good practice at classrooms and they compered differences between educational Italien systém. Children did activities to introduce themselves and get to know themselves. Teachers worked on the project Erasmus topic Different yet the same. Coordinater of the Czech Republic told about webside and google driver where all parners countries download all activities which they have done. Then they spoke about e-twinning and learnt how to create pages, download pictures and videos and files and which ICT itools used.

    Teachers planned transnational meeting in Spain and Czech and Turkey. They spoke about transport and accommodation in these countries.

    Children did lots of activities at different schools. They played sports together, volleyball…, they did some classroom activities and discussed about problems of radicalization and extremism. The interesting topic was inclusion of refuges and foreign students to classroom and how them involve to the lessons. Children had many workshops about Europian Union.  They played a Big game of Europe. Children and teachers shared Cultural Value Recognition day at a big garden party.

    In Milan there we saw a Museum to see costumes, instruments and traditions.

    Everybody visited townhall to say hello to Mayor of city Lodi.

    For teachers, children of schools, their parents were prepared big garden show  party where the families and children and teachers shared their experiences.

    Children and teacher visited a school with disabled children to understand their feelings .

    In the end of visiting all teachers, parents and children had a final meeting at the pizza restaurant  - traditional restaurant in Italy.