During this short project we want to Twin about Easter in different countries in Europe. Let's make pictures, video and drawings to show eachother which habits we have during the Easter period in our country. Let's share original ideas to show our results to the others. The project is open for everyone: new and experienced eTwinners. We ask the exp...

Project Journal

    10 YEARS
    - Posted by Postolache Dumitrita, 07.05.2015

  • We are ending the project. We give all the teachers and students that contributed to the project a certificate.
    Thanks for the good cooperation!


    - Posted by Inge De Cleyn, 05.05.2015

    - Posted by Postolache Dumitrita, 04.05.2015

  • - Posted by Postolache Dumitrita, 01.05.2015

  • The end is near ...
    We are finishing the last posts on the Twinspace and sharing our last results of the project.
    It was nice to have such a great team of partners!
    - Posted by Inge De Cleyn, 30.04.2015