Europe 2020: Offering new perspectives and incentives for young people

Lineas prioritarias del proyecto: promoción de experiencias prácticas que impliquen el desarrollo de la autonomía e iniciativa personal, promoción de la inclusión social y el bienestar entre los jóvenes, igualdad de oportunidades, nuevas tecnologías y competencia digital, aprendizaje de idiomas Este proyecto pretende aumentar las oportunidades de ...

Project Journal

  • One of the main aims of this project has been to contribute to the development of skills which will be essential for young people to get a future job. Among these skills and abilities we can mention speaking skills and fluency, logical reasoning , teamwork, being able to take part in a debate and convince others about our point of view or counter their opinions in a constructive way or using ICT tools . Here is an overview of the games inspired in these ideas.

    EUROPE2020 OLYMPICS (1).png

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  • A short report on apps and ict tools used during the project is already available here and also at the project website.


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  • Interactive map on the most demanded jobs for higher educated people available at
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  • 9 May#EuropeDay
    Happy Europe Day to all of you!


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  • From the 13th to the 17th of February, 2017 we will be holding the next project meeting, hosted by Ernst Sigle Gymnasium in Kornwestheim (Germany). Below you can see a brief summary of the programme for this week.
    Mon 13.02
    8.00 Kick off activities

    9.40 How to start you own business?
    Introduction to project topic and group work: create your own businessplan
    (Group work part 1)

    14.30 Visit to Stuttgart (a very important economic zone within the European Union, consistently being ranked among the top 20 European metropolitan areas by GDP)

    Tue 14.02
    8.00 Presentations (Snapshots of Stuttgart, the capital and largest city of the German state of Baden-Württemberg)

    9.40 : Group work (part 2):
    Product development
    Place an order (production of products)

    14.30: Visit to Mercedes-Museum

    Wed 15.02
    8.00: Presentations of job research, by school delegations
    Create a job advertisement
    9.40 Job-interviews: (workshop with Mrs. Heiser from job center)

    14.15: Prepare visit to Munich
    Research on “Bayern Munich”, Munich as capital of Bavaria, Allianz company

    Thurs 16.02

    Day - Trip to Allianz Arena and Munich (a major centre of art, advanced technologies, finance, publishing, culture, innovation, education, business, and tourism in Germany and Europe)

    Friday 17.02
    10.00: Presentation of Products and Sale
    13.00: Lunch at school/farewell/award ceremony: the most successful business
    Students: Free time
    Teachers: Project meeting (preparation final report),
    Saturday, 18.02


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